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What is BitChute?

Bitchute is an online video platform that allows users to watch videos from all over the world. The video hosting site was launched in 2017. It claims to uphold freedom of expression and has low levels of strictness when it comes to content moderation. The technology powering BitChute, as claimed by them, is peer-to-peer WebTorrent for video distribution. One thing about BitChute that stands out is that it does not rely on an advertising model to generate revenue like most other video hosting sites.

However, like most other video hosting sites, a feature that this site greatly lacks is that it doesn’t have a BitChute video downloader. The site does not natively give the users the ability to download the videos. Let’s face it, one can’t always be connected to the Internet and have enough bandwidth to watch the videos. Our free BitChute downloader lets you download an infinite number of videos for free. We have no restrictions or charges. However, it is an important disclosure to make that our site and our tools have no affiliation with the BitChute company.

What is BitChute video downloader?

A BitChute video downloader is basically any tool that allows you to save BitChute videos by letting you download them. It may be an essential tool for most users who want quick access to videos for viewing at a later time.

Our Bitchute downloader is a popular web-based, standalone tool that is compatible with Windows and macOS, as well as mobile devices. Its clean interface supports multiple languages, making it convenient to use by people from all over the world. The tool allows you to download multiple videos at a time. You can select the video quality, as well as the number of channels you wish to download.

How to download using the BitChute downloader?

If you’d like to save BitChute videos from our BitChute downloader, you have to paste the video’s URL in the designated field. Click the “download” button, it will convert the video and make it ready for download, choose the format and quality of the downloaded video by clicking on it or tapping on it if you are on a touch screen, and your download will begin. Your video will automatically download, saving it to your default download folder. You can find it later in your Download history.

BitChute to MP4

Some people usually get confused and don’t understand that they do not need any specific BitChute to MP4 converter if they want to save BitChute videos in the MP4 format. Our downloader converts the BitChute videos by itself and shows the option to download the MP4 format. 

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